Atlanta Psychiatry Specialist - David W. Tascarella, M.D.
The Institute for Higher Living is a concierge psychiatry practice led by Dr. Tascarella, centrally located in Atlanta, GA. Treating conditions such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, addictions, and more. Dr. Tascarella is a psychiatrist who will help you live your best.
Accurate Diagnosis
Getting an accurate diagnosis is critical. This is why we spend as much time as needed with you discussing your history, reviewing medical records, and asking you questions to get the whole picture.
Personal Care
Each patient is unique. We custom tailor your treatment plan to achieve the best results for YOU! Dr. Tascarella will work with you one on one to reach your goals and help you enjoy life to the fullest.
Health & Wellness
We want to help you live the best life possible! For some that may take a bit of time, however, we will be there to help you through that journey as you reach success and live the life you've always wanted.

Mary H.

Dr. Tascarella has been the only doctor I have ever had who has taken the time and effort to manage and treat my depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Were it not for him, I would not be able to function in society on either a social or a professional level as well as I do. Dr. Tascarella is very considerate of my feelings and he does not discount them as just being "part of my illness." He takes me seriously and treats me like the adult that I am. I am very grateful and appreciative of his efforts to help me with my illnesses, always taking into consideration the latest research about any medication he prescribes for me. We work as a team - he allows me to have a "voice" in my care at all times and never makes me feel guilty about anything. Dr. Tascarella treats the "whole person." He is astute as a practitioner and gives as much as attention to one's physical aspects - medical needs or conditions other than just psychiatric ones- as he does the mental and emotional aspects of an individual. I always trust his judgement and do not feel that I have to second guess his recommendations. No other doctor in my life of medical care has ever treated me so well and with such a high level of expertise. I would recommend him to anyone!