1. Setting a Morning & Evening Routine

Make sure to allow appropriate time so you can enjoy your morning, alleviating stressors.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast

This sets you up with energy for the rest of your day by eating a nutritious breakfast. 

3. De-stress

Blow off steam by learning to meditate, listen to calming sounds on your phone, or journaling. What do you do decrease stress in your life?

4. Exercise

Make time in your day for an exercise you will do or enjoy, or simply take a walk at lunch time. Exercising is one of the most effective ways of taking care of your mental health.

5. Take medications at the same time daily

Consistency keeps them working properly for you. Set alarms on your phone as a reminder.

6. Prioritize your to-do list

Do the most important thing first, not what is easiest, quickest, or hardest, but most important.

7. Gratitude

Appreciate what is good in your life and every day list 5-10 things you are grateful for.

8. Adequate sleep

Again, is so important, helping you to focus, have a better mood, increase coping skills, and decrease stress.

9. Simple Pleasures

Include things that are healthy but that make you HAPPY!

10. Relationships

Make time for people that you love, family, and friends. Invest in those relationships. Schedule regular dates with your partner and make time to have coffee with friends. 

Are you wondering how you can fit all of these into your schedule?

This list may seem overwhelming… It isn’t meant to. The most important thing to remember when establishing a routine is that it is meant to support you mental health (and that is always a work in progress). If you feel like you need help establishing this routine or want someone to keep you accountable we recommend setting an appointment at the Institute for Higher Living with our Certified Life Coach. If the thought of even setting a routine seems more overwhelming you may suffer from anxiety. Anxiety can be managed with medication. Please call the Institute for Higher Living and schedule an appointment with Dr. Tascarella. 

Treat Yourself and

Start Talking

The Institute for Higher Living is a concierge psychiatry practice led by Dr. Tascarella, centrally located in Dunwoody, GA. Treating conditions such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, addictions, and more. Dr. Tascarella is a psychiatrist who will help you live your best life.