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If you're trying to decide if the Institute for Higher Living is a good fit for you, sometimes, it helps to hear from people who have experience. We've asked our clients for real feedback and put it straight on the website to help you get a better understanding of what being a client of Dr. Tascarella's would be like...



September 2016
I want to start by saying that I will always be grateful to "Dr. T" for literally saving my life in July, 2014. I went into a 90-day inpatient program at a world-class rehab facility here in Atlanta in 2012 and came out of there feeling like "Captain Recovery" and thought I was a model of sobriety, even volunteering at the facility for over a year helping with new patient intake. In September, 2013 I traveled to Italy on a food and wine tour (which I had done 2 times previously) and had no problem not drinking on the overseas flight but when I got to Italy with the group I STUPIDLY thought it would be OK to have a glass of wine with my friends. While I was on the trip, I actually did drink like a "normal" person but then I came home..... and within a month I was back up to the level I reached when I entered rehab - 3-4 bottles of wine a day - and it only got worse with time. From September, 2013 until June of 2014 I had gained 90 pounds (all that sugar in white wine) and was starting to have physical complications (dry heaves, shakes etc.) and within just 2-3 months after my relapse I was regularly drinking 5 - sometimes 6 - bottles of wine EVERY day. I knew I was out of control and I was too embarrassed/ashamed to reach out to my friends/staff at the rehab center. I also knew that I wasn't willing to do another inpatient program because while I was definitely in full-blown drinking mode, I hadn't forgotten all that I learned while I had been in treatment and didn't want to repeat the whole process there a second time. By the Grace of God I have a dear friend and roommate who is actually a retired nurse who worked in Recovery for many years and she was able to find Dr. T. for me. I called and made my initial appointment and met him within a few days. He saw what bad shape I was in and although I tried to put on a brave face in his office, it didn't take long for me to break down in tears of desperation, shame and hopelessness. In spite of that, however, the alcoholic in me wasn't quite ready to give it up yet so it took another visit or two before I finally hit bottom (a few blackouts and a very embarrassing scene at a family birthday party). On the day that I quit drinking, Dr. T had me go get extensive lab work done before our appointment so that he could see what physical damage I had done to myself. (When he got the results he informed me that one of my liver tests was the highest number he had seen in his career - this scared both of us). Knowing that my detox was going to be intense (and serious because of how much alcohol I had been consuming - he was afraid of me either going into D.T.'s and/or having a seizure or stroke) but also knowing that I didn't want to go back to rehab, he and my roommate/friend/angel, the former nurse, had me detox at home under CONSTANT monitoring/supervision. He called my roommate at least 2-3 times a day during the first few days to get updates on my vital signs. I felt so bad for my roommate because she was having to take my vitals EVERY 30 MINUTES for TWO DAYS! Neither one of us got much sleep during that time but I was so heavily sedated for the detox that I don't really remember much of it. Most people detox in 5-7 days but being an overachiever, mine took 12 - and Dr. T. was calling every day to monitor my progress. I know that this is a very long testimonial but it is important for you to understand the back story to see that not only is Dr. T. extremely talented in the office, he is also incredibly compassionate and committed to helping his patients achieve sobriety and success - both of which I am happy to report that I have achieved, having now nearly 16 months sober. My inpatient rehab experience was great and I thought I "got it" while I was there but I never had any physical implications because of my previous drinking. This time, Dr. T. made it very clear that had I kept going at that pace, I would have probably been dead within 2 months. Pardon the pun, but that was a very "sobering" realization and now, having come that close to actually dying from drinking, I totally "get it." There are too many things I have yet to do in this Life and no stupid grape is worth dying over! Another miraculous thing that Dr. T. did was diagnose me with ADHD (at the ripe old age of 54). I'm still baffled (and somewhat bitter) that the rehab center never caught it because many of my fellow patients were there with dual-diagnosis. I know it's pointless to think about but I can't help but wonder how different my life might have been (and whether I would have even relapsed in the first place) if this had been detected then. Oh, well....the important thing is that Dr. T. did it and now that my brain chemistry is FINALLY (maybe for the first time ever) balanced, all of the crazy thoughts, OCD, and anxiety that I used to numb-out from with wine are gone, therefore I have absolutely no excuse/reason to drink again. I'm also happy to report that as a result of the great care that Dr. T. and my roommate gave me over the first few months, ALL of my subsequent lab tests have shown completely NORMAL liver function with NO damage (I absolutely have Guardian Angels, both in Heaven and here in Atlanta and realize how very lucky I am. Dr T. regularly call's me a "miracle.") I have lost all of the weight I put on during my relapse, have been religiously working out at the gym, have found a great Love in my life which would NEVER have been possible while I was drinking (both in not being able to appreciate just what I've got as well as probably not having lived to enjoy it for very long). The point of this testimonial is to tell you that If you are struggling with alcohol, drugs or any other kind of addiction or emotional/psychological issues then I URGE you to contact Dr. T. at the Institute for Higher Living. I have no idea what your results will turn out to be, but I absolutely do know that you will be in incredibly good hands. It's never too late to LIVE and have HOPE and HAPPINESS. God Bless you Dr. Tascarella and your amazing assistant/office manager Pam for giving me back the chance to have all of those things.

Greg G.

May 2016
I have been in Dr. Tascarella's care for the last eight years, in treatment for alcohol addiction, depression, and ADHD. I owe my successful addiction recovery, ability to manage ADHD symptoms, and general happiness to Dr. Tascarella due to the time he spends working with me, fine tuning my treatment plan so I will achieve the best possible results. Dr. T has always gone above and beyond his duties to make sure I am taken care of and I always get the help I need.


April 2016
I started seeing Dr. T as a patient a few years ago. He diagnosed me with ADHD. Before my diagnosis, I was severely depressed and all over the place and could not stay focused on anything. Today I have a 4.0 grade point average and am on trajectory to make the Dean's List in college. This from a below average student in high school. He also helped me to admit to myself that I am an alcoholic and addict. I could always stop, but I could not stay stopped. He never forced me to admit this. I simply knew that I could and did because I would not be judged by him. In fact, he treated me with the utmost respect after coming "clean" with him. For anyone seeking help for an anxiety disorder he is top notch. I also suffer from severe anxiety which has lessened since I have been his patient. I credit his amazing life coach who works with him in his office, Pam, with the techniques and tools she has taught me. They are the "Dream Team" who have turned my life completely around since I started working with them. They both make you feel right at home.


March 2016
Sometimes your life can change in a split second; as mine did. Little did I realize at the time that something I had never thought would happen to me did. I owe my life to Dr. Tascarella. That's how far I had fallen into a mentally dark place. Dr. Tascarella is not just another doctor with a piece of paper on the wall; he has lived what he now provides as a psychiatrist; to strive to have a happier, stable, more fulfilling life. He helped me get back the old happy me. He also provided me with his personal cell phone number for after hours consultation/emergencies.

Jonathan J.

March 2016
When I first began to see Dr. T more than a decade ago, I was fighting a losing battle against depression and schizophrenia that had completely derailed my life for several years. His treatment plan helped me to understand and work to overcome my illness. With his help, I have been able to maintain a healthy and stable lifestyle for almost 10 years. Without Dr. T, I would not have been able to get my life back on track.

Leslie K

January 2016
Dr. T is a genuine, sincere, intelligent and honest man. He truly cares about his patients health and happiness. Dr. T devoted himself to my success and well being. He works hard, and always makes himself available whenever I need him. I am certain each of his patients receives this kind of care. He changed my life and my son's life too. We were fortunate to find Dr. T.

Pam C.

January 2015
Was very pleased with his genuine concern about my problem!


March 2013
Dr T is very compassionate and invested in his patients.


March 2013
I came to Dr. Tascarella after a suggestion from my mom's boyfriend. He thought I had undiagnosed ADHD, I thought he was crazy... Nope! Dr. Tascarella has had several appointments with me now. An initial appointment, in which he diagnosed my ADHD and worked with me to set up a treatment plan that I could understand and be comfortable with, as well as two follow-ups to make sure everything was going smoothly and successfully. It is. And I can't say I'm surprised given his level of attention to detail and care. Not sure who soured the Cheerios of those who gave this guy anything less than a stellar rating! Only criticism would be wait time, which was about 10 minutes when I got there--already 5 minutes late! But what do you expect? He cares about his patients, and I appreciate that he wouldn't cut me off if I needed a few extra moments either.

Mary H.

May 2012
Dr. Tascarella has been the only doctor I have ever had who has taken the time and effort to manage and treat my depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Were it not for him, I would not be able to function in society on either a social or a professional level as well as I do. Dr. Tascarella is very considerate of my feelings and he does not discount them as just being "part of my illness." He takes me seriously and treats me like the adult that I am. I am very grateful and appreciative of his efforts to help me with my illnesses, always taking into consideration the latest research about any medication he prescribes for me. We work as a team - he allows me to have a "voice" in my care at all times and never makes me feel guilty about anything. Dr. Tascarella treats the "whole person." He is astute as a practitioner and gives as much as attention to one's physical aspects - medical needs or conditions other than just psychiatric ones- as he does the mental and emotional aspects of an individual. I always trust his judgement and do not feel that I have to second guess his recommendations. No other doctor in my life of medical care has ever treated me so well and with such a high level of expertise. I would recommend him to anyone!


December 2011
Treated by Dr. T for a year for anxiety/depression/addiction. Profound change in my life as a result of his treatment. He's great. Straight forward. Gets to the root of the issue(s) very quickly if you're willing to open up and work with him - he will help you. Will put you at ease. Trustworthy, caring.


November 2011
A positive experience with an attentive physician who really listens and understands. I've seen this physician for a number of visits and always been greeted warmly and feel respected. I feel that I have an accurate diagnosis with the proper medication and treatment.


October 2010
Great Guy and very good at what he does. It seems he has trouble staying on schedule for appointments but this is because he spends so much time with each patient. He often will have patients" in crisis" and he will extend the appointment until he is sure the patient is OK or in a better frame of mind before he lets them leave.